Smart Car Buying Service

The Future of Car Buying

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Smart Buying Process

We take 42+ factors that influence your decision into consideration.

Our professional consultants will always stand by you.

Step One

Your preference and information attainment




Your customized car buying journey starts from telling us your preferences, requirements, expectations, and your daily life through an online form and initial meeting. 

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Step Two

Car Make & Model Research, Evaluation, Decision


1.Research and Evaluation 

What is the best model for you? Our team organizes car makes and models research and evaluation with 26 factors considered.

Two examples



3.Hard to make a decision?

Sometimes it's very difficult for you to make a decision without sitting in the car and feeling it yourself.

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2.Decision (Meeting)

We will show you the evaluation results and recommendations through verbal communication, pictures and videos. We will pay special attention to alter "car language" into common language. 

Step Three

Search cars for sale, Evaluate, Negotiate, Decide


We find the car that meets your needs based on your requested features and negotiate the best deal for you.

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Beside finding the car that meets your requirements and negotiating the best price, we emphasize highly on used car's quality.

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Selecting a car —— What is special?!


1. More options and less effort

  • More information and understanding about car sellers 
  • Effective communication with sellers and systematic information acquisitions directly on cars
  • Smart analysis on potential car options

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2. Lowest cost, competitive price

  • Integrating and filtering the best dealership resources and car inventories
  • Strong partnerships support
  • The best negotiation strategy

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Step Four

Set up insurance and payment


Before going to the dealership, the consultant will help you to set up insurance quote, which provides an added-value service by coordinating coverage with the best companies at competitive rates. If you need financing, our consultant will accompany you to a bank you prefer to check the interest rates.

Last Step

Vehicle inspection, Test drive , Sign paper work, Car delivery ceremony


We will assist you throughout the car buying process. Our consultants will answer any questions, alert you of any issues we detect, and help to solve any problems. 

The buying day



Welcome to Auto Club! You are a member of our family. We will take care everything for you in the future.

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