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Indoor Karting Experience

Training, Practice, Competition, Eating Sushi! 

11/05/2016 9:00AM


1. Rendezvous (meeting place)

  • Time: 11/05/2016 (Saturday) 9:00AM
  • Place: In front of the Admission Office (901W Illinois st, Urbana, IL, 61801)
  • Transportation to the K1: Auto Club offers the ride to Chicago ($19 round trip). Also, you or your friends can drive your own vehicle.  We strongly encourage you and your friends to choose our ride for safety purpose. 
meeting place.PNG

2. Drive to K1 (Addision, IL) at 9:00AM

3. Training

Professional trainer will teach us how to drive.


4. Racing Experience

Up to 45 miles/hour electric karts will bring you shocking experience of 30 laps racing.  


5. In House Sushi Buffet

After the racing event, we will enjoy a sushi buffet dinner. 


6. We will return to UIUC at 3:30 PM. We can drop you at Chicago Fashion Outlet or Champaign Location. 

2 Races (30 laps total): $98

Auto Club Ride: $19 round trip


The rate includes: Annual K1 membership($6), Kart Rental, Facility Rental, Sushi, Drinking.  

* No driver license required.



Indoor Shooting Experience

Training, Practice, Competition 

10/14/2016 5:30PM 


1. Rendezvous (meeting place)

  • Time: 10/14/2016 (Friday) 5:30PM
  • Place: In front of the Admission Office (901W Illinois st, Urbana, IL, 61801)
  • Transportation to the shooting range: We encourage you or your friends to drive your own vehicle.  If you can't, we will give you a ride.
meeting place.PNG

2. Drive to Bullet Trap at 5:50PM

3. Training

Professional trainer will teach us how to use  guns.


4. Shooting experience

We have five different kinds of guns that bring you shocking experience of shooting. 


5. Shooting competition

At the end of the shooting event, we will arrange  a shooting competition. Prized will be rewarded to the first three people that have the highest scores. 


6. We will return to UIUC at 9:00 PM.

Membership rate: $85

Non-membership rate: $90

The rate includes training, rental guns, targets, shooting lines, bullets.  



Chicago Discovery Flight

Aircraft Operation, City Sightseeing

Reservation Upon Request


1. Rendezvous (meeting place)

  • Time: Reservation time 
  • Meeting Place: Schaumburg Regional Airport (905 W. Iving Park Rd, Schaumburg, IL, 60193)
meeting place.PNG

2. Check In & Meet with Aircraft

3. Engine Start


4. Flight Time!



5. Three Tips:

(1) Ask any questions through the radio headphone.

(2) Request a short "Zero gravity experience" if you want

(3) Listen to the air traffic control


One Hour Flight Experience: $170

The rate includes:  Three passengers Discovery Flight(one operator), Tax



*If you are interested in this event, please sign up today. Our representative will contact with you and put you on our list. 




Supercar Driving Experience

Real Instruction, Real Racetrack, Real Supercars



1. Rendezvous (meeting place)

  • Time: 04/17/2016 (Sunday) 
  • Racetrack: Autobahn Country Club (3795 Centerpoint Way, Joliet, IL, 60436)
  • Meeting Place & Time:

Drive by yourself : In front of the Autobahn Country Club registration building (Door 1) .

                                 Please arrive 10 mins before your experience starts.

Auto Club Ride :   Auto Club offers ride to Chicago ($20 round trip).

                                We will be offering two rides, one departing in the morning and one noon.                     

  • Driver's Licensed Required: US driver's license or International driver's license
meeting place.PNG

2. Check In & Instruction Course

3. Racing Time!





  • Drive on a Real Racetrack
  • No speed limit
  • Three laps experience
  • Coaches accompany the whole time
  • Helmet & Insurance included

Check it out! It's Fantastic!! 


4. Your supercar selection pool


5. Auto Club is a place where you can find friendship along with food. We also have professional photographers taking photos of you and for you. 


Three Laps Experience:

Insurance: 5000 deductible, 50,000 Coverage Included (We offer upgrade package)

  • Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4  $360
  • Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4  $338 
  • Ferrari 458 Italia                          $338
  • Ferrari F430                                 $248
  • Nissan GT-R Premium                 $274
  • Porsche 911 GT-3                        $316

*The rate includes: Insurance, Instruction, Supercar Rental, Racetrack Rental, Helmets, Food, Professional Photos, Tax

* Driver's license required (US or International).


Extra package you can choose(Can be purchased on the track day)

     1.Insurance package upgrade:

  • 85,000 Coverage, 3000 deductible ($20)
  • 200,000 Coverage, 1000 deductible ($90)


    2.Video Package ($49):

Videos are recorded via race keeper and includes a truck map GPS, 2 High-definition camera angles, and HD audio. 


     3.Spectator Pit Pass ($15):

A VIP Pit Pass offers your friends the opportunity to get safely closer to the cars at the pit stop. Drivers do not need to buy this.